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Tandoori Kona Restaurant

I loveeeeee love love curry ! I wasn't that into curry before because I couldn't take spicy food but ever since I became close friends with my Indian co-worker, I was introduced to the amazing world of curries. I've decided then I'll take the hot peppery risk for curry.  So from that, I started exploring my new found love, and now, I'm also a fan of Japanese curry, Thai Curry, and Cantonese curry *mouthwatering. 

But let's start Indian : 

The Tandoori Kona Restaurant is my favorite place for Indian curry.
Front Entrance
Not everyone agrees with me, but if you do prefer a buttery, sweet, and mild (you can choose the level of spiciness) flavor, you'll probably like this place too. I mean it's pretty popular and highly rated online, so I am not alone! Each meal there has been absolutely satisfying - here is my nom nom experience couple days ago: 

The Interior - simple, casual decor

The Menu
Their menu is categorized by the different types of meat. You can see it all from Tandoori Kona's website/blog. I always go for Butter Chicken. Oh god, I just realized I'm like one of those unadventurous westerners who only dare to stick to Mango Slush at bubble tea shops or Broccoli Beef at Chinese restaurants. I remember I used to force people to step out of their comfort zone to try some of the more authentic Chinese dishes. However, they didn't like those dishes as much as say, General Tso's Chicken. Now stepping in their shoes, I can't imagine people forcing me to order anything but Butter Chicken. I love Butter Chicken, I can butter myself with those chicken, just let me order Butter Chicken in peace ! I guess I was such an ass, but now I have learned *moment of realization.

Okay, I digressed, here are my typical orders :

Free Papadum ! 
Right after the server takes your orders, you will be presented with this complimentary plate of Papadum to nom on while waiting for your food to come. It has a very interesting texture - very crispy, thin, and papery. It's so thin that you almost feel like you just ate air, but it's so well seasoned that it will convince you otherwise. The red sauce that comes with it is good too, sweet and spicy. (I feel like I'm getting better at this food blogger thing)

Garlic Naaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnn
You have to change your naan to Garlic naan. I know it looks like I'm taking control of the orders again but this time it's necessary. Their Garlic naan is so fluffy and flavorful and it tastes great when dipped in curry (butter chicken specifically).

Butter Chicken (front) and Chicken Tikka Masala (back)
Both dishes were mild but the Chicken Tikka Masala was more spicy than the Butter Chicken because of the different sauces they used. Chicken Tikka Masala was also not as sweet and the curry tasted stronger. It's hard to say which is better because I do have a strong bias.

One very interesting observation I had in Tandoori Kona is that its owner looks SO MUCH LIKE GUS from Breaking Bad.

Gus Fring
Even his demeanor ! He resembles Gus so much that I'm afraid to make requests or rush any order/check fearing for my life after I walk into the dark parking lot. That being said, this also means the customer service in Tandoori isn't something to write home about (I hope I don't die for this). The owner has an expressionless face and he doesn't talk when he doesn't need to. He doesn't respond to thank yous or your friendly eye contact. If you say something like, "sorry, I've also ordered a Mango Lassi, could you please check for me?", he will walk away in silence and return to put a lassi on your table in the same mannerism. Then I will drink it timidly. I usually get angry at bad/rude customer services, but with Gus, I really just let everything go. He has that power. I've been to Tandoori numerous times and I've never seen him smile, or smirk, to anyone. You don't want to see him smirk though, it could be the day you get killed in the shower.

But speaking of Mango Lassi, it's one of my fav. beverages of all time. It's this mango flavored thick thick thick yogurt drink that will bring you to lassi heaven.

It's to die for, literally. 

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