Friday, September 19, 2014

First of Many

Photo Credit: Frank Yeh

It's been more than five years since my last blog post. I used to love blogging and I wrote almost every single day. I kept hard copy journals too, from elementary to high school. Writing was important to me and I remember writing about I should never stop writing. I wrote in Chinese though, it was a language that felt more dear to me. I still love to write, but somehow, life happens. I became too busy, too occupied and distracted by other things in life. I became more reluctant to share my feelings to the public. I became lazy. Then I stopped and it was difficult to start again once the momentum was lost.

But here I am again ! Welcome, new and old readers :)

I actually don't quite know what I wish to accomplish in this blogger space, I just want to write something again. It's gonna be just another lifestyle blog, but it's mine. It's gonna be about life, love, foods, fashion, some travels, some hikes, and some Coco (my fluffy pet). I'm not sure how committed I'll be, but I do hope this post is the first of many.

Thank you for reading <3

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